Saturday, October 6, 2018

AFSB Double Vision

The exhibition Double Vision will be at the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara until November 15.
The Gallery is located at 229 East Victoria Street. Hours are Saturdays, 1-4 pm
and weekdays by appointment. 
There will be a 1st Thursday event at the Gallery on November 1, from 5-8 pm.
All but one of the paintings are oil on panel.

Arroyo Burro Preserve, 8"x10"

Alan Road, foggy day 9"x12"

White rock, river view, 6"x10"

Sycamore, Paradise camp 9"x12"

foggy day san marcos reserve, 8"x10"

Eucalyptus at Naples, 9"x12"

Lake Los Carneros, 10"x10"

Cypress II, Coal Oil Point, 8"x10"

Cypress I, Coal Oil Point, 9"x12"

Lake below, Figueroa Mountain, 9"x12"

Poppies, Grass mountain, 6"x12"

Sundown, Alamo Creek Road, 7"x18"

Sycamore (Libby Painting) 16"x16"

Morning Sycamore, 5 1/2"x14"

Haskell's beach, east 8"x10"

beached boat 8"x8" sold

Rock cliffs, Goleta beach, 9"x12"

Backside Rincon, 6"x12"

Carpinteria Bluffs, 11"x13"

paradise camp, gouache, 3"x5"

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Double Vision

Libby Smith and I had a fun opening reception for our show at the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara - good turnout and so many kind comments, plus great food and conversation. We were pleased with how the Gallery looked - our work was framed beautifully and we spent a lot of time hanging everything in a balanced and complimentary way. We have forty pieces in the show - 20 each - and we grouped them by area. My frames are walnut and hers are maple, so people could figure out who's who. The paintings were all done 'plein air' from our Monday painting outings, so there is a freshness and immediacy to them.
Not a lot of over-done studio work or using only photo references.

Here is a shot of one of our walls

Our statement, some info about Rose Compass and a photo of us.

Some of the work is very similar in subject matter, but different in style and approach:

beached boat, Goleta Beach

Other paintings were done at the same location, but looking at an altogether different view or time of day:

These were both done at Marcia Burtt's ranch - Libby's early morning view looking west and my sundown view looking north.

I will post all the paintings soon - just need some time to organize them.

Next up is the Sullivan Goss 1st Thursday opening for "The River's Journey - a Wider View" that will feature larger oils and new gouaches from the Rose Compass group. We will be doing a radio interview with Elizabeth Stewart on the Friday morning after, and then hosting a film event and panel talk at the Faulkner Gallery on Sunday the 7th. We have partnered with David Grannis from Cal Lutheran to show his film "Turf Wars", the Santa Barbara Water-Wise folks and the Book Den which will feature books about water issues in California.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

more in September

The Annual Museum of Natural History Art Walk will be held this weekend - I entered two paintings:

Island view from the Botanic Garden, 6x12" oil on panel

Old Oak-Tucker's Grove, 9x12" oil on panel

Unfortunately the opening reception for this show overlaps the opening reception for Double Vision! But folks can come at 5 to the Architectural Foundation and then get to the Natural History Museum by 6 and make both events. ArtWalk is open Friday Night through Sunday, the 23rd.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Falling into September

After spending weeks preparing for several upcoming exhibits, we took some time to visit St.Paul Minnesota. My brother lives there in a beautiful old warehouse that has been converted to live/work spaces for artists and craftspeople. We had a great visit and took a day to drive to Winona, MN to see Thomas Paquette's beautiful exhibition of paintings he did following the Mississippi River from it's beginnings above Minneapolis to it's final flow into the Delta. Thomas's work was so inspirational to our Rose Compass project -The River's Journey. We were all intrigued with his small gouaches and how much beauty and information were packed into them. It was a treat to see these dynamic, larger paintings beautifully displayed in the Minnesota Museum of  Maritime Art. The Museum itself had a varied and rich collection - a real gem.

Installation of Thomas Paquette's exhibition"America's River Re-Explored" the Mississippi from Source to Gulf.


We also took some time to go to the Sierras for an overdue holiday. Clear skies after all the horrible fires of the summer. Finished another gouache of a small shack nearby.

sportplatz, camp la salle

Last Thursday, we held the opening reception of "The River's Journey Re-visited" at the Santa Barbara City Hall. It's a smaller venue, but we had some room to play and added some interesting elements: a floor map of the Santa Ynez River that goes the length of the hallway, clouds that change color and a video.
There are a lot of new works telling the story of our watershed to a new audience. Both Third District Supervisor Joan Hartmann and Santa Barbara Public Works Director spoke about our project and the important message it brings to the public about our precious water resources.

Estuary, Lompoc, 10x10" oil on panel

Oak, Cachuma Lake, 10x10" oil on panel

Equipment Shed, Gibraltar Dam, 6x4" Gouache

SCAPE will have a 2-day exhibition at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden on the 14th and 15th of this month. We spent a lot of Mondays painting there so it will be good to see some of the work on display.

shady steps, botanic garden, 6x8" oil on panel

Friday, August 3, 2018

Summer slipping by

The weeks seem to be blurring one into another - here it is August! Keeping busy with house projects, a short trip to the Sierras, the final panel talk for the closing of The River's Journey at the Wildling and preparation and installation of work for the Santa Barbara City Hall Gallery iteration of the River show.
New paintings and a beautiful installation - we have already received many great comments on the exhibit. We decided to skip a 'formal' opening until 1st Thursday in September, due to Fiesta this week. We will still have some surprises for the event.
In the meantime there was the SCAPE show for "Heal the Ocean" at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, plus getting ready for their next one at the Botanic Gardens. It's been great to paint up there every Monday for the last month or so.

Libby and I are preparing for our Double Vision show coming up in September. Here's a peek at our postcard:

yes, it's meant to be interactive - you have to turn the card to see each image.

Right now it's the drudge work of framing and getting everything ready. We think it will be a really good show.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

what happened to May?

Time seems to be flying - too many projects and even with longer days, it's been challenging to keep up. Libby and I did 3 (count 'em, 3) gouache painting workshops for the Wildling Museum, teaching both beginners and very experienced folks how to use gouache. It was a lot of planning and prep, but we all had a good time.
We are also preparing for our show in September, "Double Vision" - choosing work, figuring out framing and all the other details for the exhibition.
The Rose Compass group has been busy with the "River" - we will be giving a final Panel Talk at the Wildling on July 8th. Then we pack up and set aside the work that will go to SB City Hall, as well as Sullivan-Goss Gallery. We will also be taking part in an exhibition at the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum. The main show is: "Watershed, Contemporary Landscape Photography" and includes some wonderful images. We will have a smaller representation of gouaches to complement the larger exhibition. It should be interesting and is scheduled to open in January, 2019.
We continue to go out and paint nearly every Monday and have been getting work done for two upcoming SCAPE shows. "Heal the Ocean" is the beneficiary of a one day exhibit at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. In September, there will be another exhibit at the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens which has given us a great excuse to go paint there. It's been a lovely spring, even without much rain. Here are a couple of small studies:

Fremontia (California Flannel bush), oil on panel, 8"x8

Salvia, Purple sage and California poppies, oil on panel, 8"x8"

working off the beaten path

Fremontia and Ceanothus, oil on panel, 8"x10"

I am still continuing to make new work for the upcoming "River" venues:

weir house, Juncal Dam, gouache, 4"x4"

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

the last of April

Lot's of interesting doings...

The "River's Journey" - still open at the Wildling until July 9 - will travel south to Santa Barbara in August in a somewhat abbreviated form to be shown at the Santa Barbara City Hall. We will have a "First Thursday" opening that month. We will be featuring some new work, including some larger paintings.

The River will then flow to Sullivan-Goss Gallery in October. We will have 2 months to show a portion of our project as well as new pieces.

Libby Smith and I will be having a 2-person show at the Santa Barbara Architectural Foundation titled "Double-Vision". We have painted together consistently for many years and thought it would be fun to show some of our work side by side - same locale from 2 different viewpoints.
This show will open September 21, 2018

One of my paintings was accepted into a California Art Club exhibition, titled "The Shape of Water". It will open at the Altadena Town and Country Club on June 3. This is the piece that will be in the show -

santa ynez river puddle
gouache on archival watercolor board

I'll be doing a landscape workshop with Meredith Abbott this coming weekend.
She's such a great painter - it will be fun to paint the Carpinteria Bluffs with her.

Who knows what else may come up?